10 Best Browsers for Android

10 Best Browsers for Android

10 Best Browsers for Android

Today, smartphones are one of the life’s basic devices they are used for more than communicating devices. Smartphone plays multiple roles like a gaming device, media player, stores data and information and lots other things. The browser is the important part of a phone because it connects the phone to the internet world. Here is the approximate list of 10 Best Browsers for Android Phones.

1. UC

Store Link: UC Browser

10 Best Browsers for Android-UC

UC Browser is one of the coolest and popular Android browsers. UC preloads web pages so they load faster. It can manage downloads and automatic resume in case of connection drop. It also has some in-app content.

2. Google Chrome

Store Link: Chrome Browser


Google Chrome is the default browser for Android. Through this, you can sync all your browser data and save your stuff through bookmarks. It is also secured so you can save passwords too.

3. Opera Mini

Store Link: Opera Mini Web Browser

10 Best Browsers for Android-Opera Mini

Opera Mini requires less space and provides data compression and image quality reduction on the website. The full Opera also has all these facility and better interface but, of course, it also requires more resources.

4. Firefox

Store Link: Firefox Browser


Mozilla Firefox is also very good and famous browser for all. It provides many add-ons and facility to block ads, manage passwords, save articles for offline reading and also customization option to the user.

5. CM

Store Link: CM Browser

10 Best Browsers for Android-CM

Cheetah Mobile the makers of Android antivirus app CM Security developed CM Browser for those who have less storage. It provides a good interface and smooth browsing experience.

6. Dolphin

Store Link: Dolphin Browser

10 Best Browsers for Android-Dolphin

Dolphin is one of the most popular and oldest browsers for Android. It provides speed dial-style visual bookmark same as Opera and easy tab switching. It enables tabbed browsing from Android very early.

7. Next

Store Link: Next Browser

10 Best Browsers for Android-Next

Next browser for Android is less famous, but it is good. There is a colored favorites screen same as Opera and Dolphin and the ‘Top Sites’ and ‘Recent Tabs’ gives quick access to recent browsing activities.

8. Maxthon

Store Link: Maxthon Web Browser

10 Best Browsers for Android-Maxthon

Maxthon’s main achievement is its cloud-based and cross-platform. It is also available for different OS. It gives facility to synchronize and centralize all your online browsing independent from the device you are using.

9. Puffin

Store Link: Puffin Web Browser

10 Best Browsers for Android-Puffin

Puffin is a popular browser which has some clean features. It includes a virtual gamepad on screen and Flash built support directly into the browser. But it is free during daytime only.

10. Javelin

Store Link: Javelin Browser

10 Best Browsers for Android-Javelin

Javelin uses the popup bubble when you browsing in another app. It includes a reader mode, an ad-blocker and the option to synchronize bookmarks and recent tabs with Chrome desktop.


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