10 Best Android Nougat Features

10 Best Android Nougat Features

Android Nougat is the seventh major version of the Android operating system. By now, most of the recent phones have received an update to Nougat and manufacturers have started to provide Nougat with some of their devices, but updates are still rolling out for many other devices. The new OS is loaded with new features and refinements, each one improving upon the overall Android experience. Here are to 10 best Android Nougat Features.

1) Improved Notification Control


There are applications which are displaying discount offers, promotion etc. Which is really annoying, right? But u just can’t remove application as you are using it or may willing to use in future. In Android Nougat, it allows u to disable these kind of notification, next time a notification arrives, long-press on it and tap on Block all notifications.

2) Battery Power Optimization


Battery power consumption major issue, right ?. Here comes the Android Nougat features which has improved battery life. Using the battery power optimization option which essentially means that an optimized app will restrict using more battery.

3) Enable Power Notifications


Android Nougat also comes packed with system UI tuner. Once it’s turned on, it opens a window of modifications. It lets you choose the priority of an app’s notification. The notification levels range from Level 1 through level 5, 5 being the most important. Once it’s enabled, you can see the same in the notification menu in settings. By default, the system determines the importance of the app, but it can be changed with just a single tap on the A icon.

4) Change the Display Size


Sometimes it get difficult to see in smaller fonts and displays. And the same holds true for the opposite as well, you wouldn’t want your messages to be visible to the whole world! So to set the DPI correctly, Android Nougat comes packed with a setting which lets you choose the size with which you’re most comfortable. Go to Settings > Display > Display Size and then use to slider to adjust the size.

5) Arrange Quick Settings Menu


Agreed that the quick settings menu can turn out to be really helpful as it gets things done in a jiffy. Plus, it also lets you customize tiles as per your convenience. So if you don’t want the hotspot icon, you can easily swap it with a different one.

6) Mono Audio


For those who are fond of music, who listens to music with just a single ear-bud, Nougat has some good news for us. This feature will make the right and left audio channels to play parallelly in both the ear buds. So, don’t miss out on the perfect chance to experience a song in all its glory.

7) Emergency Information


Lock screens are meant to pose as a barrier for unauthorized access. But this important feature can pose as a road block if your phone gets lost and it lands in good hands.

8) Pin Apps to Share Menu


The next time you peer into the share menu to find your favorite app, remember that Android Nougat has made things easier for you. All you have to do is pin the frequently used app at the top of the menu.

9) Improved File Explorer


Marshmallow gave us the much-need file explorer and Nougat has taken it even further. This feature is buried deep inside Storage > Explore in the settings menu. For starters, you can copy/move items between the folders. Plus, there’s a new slide-in menu for the recent items as well.

10) Copy-Paste in Split Screen

Perhaps one of the most awaited features of Android Nougat was the split screen mode for multitasking activities like comparing documents or using one window for reference, while you type out an email. It can also be used to copy-paste text from one screen to the other or drag and drop items.

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