Best 10 Data Recovery Software tools

Best 10 Data Recovery Software tools

Best 10 Data Recovery Software tools

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It happens many time with us, that we are doing some work and suddenly it fly away some where. Isn’t it too scary!! This scary thing happens many times with me. I know you also feel the same.

I can understand what happens when we lost some of our important data. Whether it is your important presentation you are making for next day’s meeting or your memorable photos or if you are developers, your website can be crushed.

Here, I brought best 10 data recovery software tools where you can recover your data easily.

1) Recuva


Recuva is Famous Data Recovery software design by Piriform. There is also one famous product CCleaner is also developed by Piriform. Recuva provides attractive interface with high quality.

Recuva recovers picture, music, video, email, zip, rar etc file types. It provides recovery from damaged disks and buried files. Recuva’s paid product cost is $24.95.

2) Wise-Data-Recovery


Wise-Data-Recovery provides clean interface and customizable software. There are some limitations but for quick task this product is perfect. It can get back lost file from USB, HDD, External HDD, MMC, Digital Camera, Mobile Phone, MP3 Player etc.

It also shows the Possibility of Recovering Lost file.

3) Puran-File-Recovery


Puran-File-Recovery provides feature of 3 mode of recovery.

Quick Scan simply reads the file system FAT32 or NTFS for deleted file from any location in Disk. Deep Scan scans all available free space in Disk. Full scan will Check all space on device for best chance of recovery. You can also edit the custom scan list which store file signature for more accurate recovery

4) Pandora Recovery


Pandora Recovery provides lots of features to recover lost files. Pandora doesn’t have attractive interface, but it provides best features. A wizard would be attached with downloaded file which will guide you through out the scanning process. You can also connect removable drive for recover. Also we can apply all the method for scanning on removable drive.

5) Minitool-Partition-Recovery


Minitool-Partition-Recovery is very simple and attractive. It works very fast to recover data. It also divides the files extension wise. It’s support file system FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5. Minitool-Partition-Recovery is best for deep scanning.

It provides free recovery up to 1GB after that paid version may cost $69 and $89.

6) LazeSoft


LazeSoft Data Recovery is also popular tool for Recover lost files. It has 2 modes for general undeleted purpose, there is delete or lost file mode and for Recover from formatted files and folder, damage partition there is partition recovery mode. It recovers data from file system FAT, NTFS, USB, Removable Media, RAID array etc. In partition Recovery mode we can also scan MBR, GTP partition and Dynamic Partition.

7) GlarySoft

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GlarySoft Undelete is also simple data recovery tool. It is light weighted tool with limited features than other tools, but it proves the feature of filtering option which can help to easily find the required file. It provides only drive scan and removable drive scan.

It has only quick scan option, not deep scan. It supports file system FAT, NTFS, NTFS+EFS. It also recovers from compress and encrypted file.

8) Wondershare


Wondershare, by Dr.fone is useful tool to recover android and iOS device. You can easily recover contact, messaging, audio, video, photos, Call log and Whatsapp history. However, it supports limited brand phone including Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Google nexus. It’s compatible with all windows os , mac, etc. free trial $45-95 support up to 5 device or $499 Support unlimited devices.

9) EaseUs


EaseUs MobiSaver is also recovery tool for mobile Phones. It supports for devices to format and to manage the files. You can easily recover contact, messaging, audio, video, photos, Call log and Whatsapp history. It also recovers data after deletion, virus attacking, rooting etc.

10) PC inspector file Recovery


PC inspector provides data recovery from FAT and NTFS file system. It also scans drive even if boot sector has been erased or damaged. It provides the features to save recovered data on network drive. It recovers several types of video, audio, picture and compress file. You can also recover archive with damage header using special recovery mode. You can also scan just specific area of disk with the cluster scanner.

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