Best 10 Funny Technology Meme Based On CIVIL WAR

Best 10 Funny Technology Meme Based On CIVIL WAR

Best 10 Funny Technology Meme-Based On CIVIL WAR That Will Make You Laugh

Technology meme is the way to express your opinions. Here we create top 10 best technology meme based on the civil war. make your choice in the comment section.

1) Who is your favourite? Steve Jobs OR Bill Gates


2) Which is your favourite messaging app? Google Allo OR Whatsapp


3) Which is your favourite device? Samsung Galaxy S7 OR iPhone7


4) Which is your favourite OS? Anroid OR IOS


5) Which is your favourite photo sharing app? Snapchat OR Instagram


6) Which is your favourite shopping destination? Amazon OR Flipkart


7) Which is your favourite search engine? Google OR Bing


8) Which is your favourite Transportation app? Uber OR Ola


9) Which is your favourite cloud technology service provider? Oracle OR Salesforce


10) Which is your favourite hardware, middleware and software company? Ibm OR Hp


Thank you for watching. Comment down below for your answer.
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