Best 10 Gaming Consoles

Best 10 Gaming Consoles

Best 10 Gaming Consoles

Most of us or I can say all of us likes to play games. Games Consoles are must-haves for many of us. There are so many factors to keep in mind while buying any game console. The new calendar year is coming soon, which means a new year for games. We have examined all the famous and leading games consoles and make a list of Best 10 Gaming Consoles for you so you choose the right one for you.


PlayStation 4-Best 10 Gaming Consoles

1) PlayStation 4

Firm: Sony
Released: 2013
PlayStation 4 is also called as PS4. It is good looking and powerful console with beautiful graphics, smart interface, excellent performance, nice controller. It provides many multimedia applications like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, etc.


Xbox One-Best 10 Gaming Consoles

2) Xbox One

Firm: Microsoft
Released: 2013
Xbox One was built by gamers, for gamers. It is the perfect balance of power and performance, Xbox One takes gaming to a whole new level. It has extraordinary authenticity, advanced AI and a new generation of multiplayer.


PlayStation 3-Best 10 Gaming Consoles

3) PlayStation 3

Firm: Sony
Released: 2006
PlayStation 3 has Blu-ray technology. And has some good social networking features like PlayStation Home, music and custom video playback, web surfing, picture browsing. All these come at a compatible price.


Nintendo 3DS-Best 10 Gaming Consoles

4) Nintendo 3DS

Firm: Nintendo
Released: 2011
Nintendo 3DS has eclipsed its humble beginning. After its launch now the Nintendo 3DS library has become impressively diverse and offers an unreserved knock for your buck in terms of content.


Xbox 360-Best 10 Gaming Consoles

5) Xbox 360

Firm: Microsoft
Released: 2005
Xbox 360 is a good video and gaming console. It has wireless controllers and stunning graphics. It also has Media Center Extender, Xbox Live Arcade, built in Breville sandwich toaster.


PlayStation Vita-Best 10 Gaming Consoles

6) PlayStation Vita

Firm: Sony
Released: 2011
PlayStation Vita is a handheld game console developed by Sony which allows you to play games when you are on the move. It has a good library of original games and well-handled ports.


PlayStation 2-Best 10 Gaming Consoles

7) PlayStation 2

Firm: Sony
Released: 2000
PlayStation 2 is the oldest and longest living console even after new releases. It has lots of best games. It’s advantages are it is simple and less complicated. It can be used without online mumbo jumbo.


GameCube-Best 10 Gaming Consoles

8) GameCube

Firm: Nintendo
Released: 2001
GameCube has probably the largest collection of unique, interesting and fun filled games like Luigiā€™s Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine and LoZ: Wind Walker. It supports removable memory card which is very useful.


Nintendo Wii U-Best 10 Gaming Consoles

9) Nintendo Wii U

Firm: Nintendo
Released: 2012
Nintendo Wii U had an indisputably good start. It has some dual-screen gaming mechanics with a simple and fun console. It has some good games like Mario Kart 8, NSMBU, Super Mario 3rd world, etc.


Sega Dreamcast-Best 10 Gaming Consoles

10) Sega Dreamcast

Firm: Sega
Released: 1998
Sega Dreamcast was the first console to have full internet access. Online play and the first and only home console to have a screen in the memory stick which is also in the controller. And also have a good library of games.



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