Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

jQuery, a JavaScript library for developing user interactions fast and easily. Nowadays, it has been making the web design more approachable and user-friendly for web-users. jQuery provides many plugins which are the collection of a modern part of Java, which help to solve many problems of the user. It also enables you to deliver dynamic web elements for your website to get the best attention of the visitors. You can search for many free jQuery plugins of many types like image, slider, parallax, carousel and much more. We have the list of 10 Best Free jQuery Plug-ins that we’d like to share with you which may help you to create an attractive website for your users.

1. nanoGALLERY

nanoGALLERY is an incredible jQuery plug-in that will help you simplify your image galleries. It provides features like multi-level navigation in albums, lightbox, combined hover effects on thumbnails, slide show, full-screen, pagination etc.

nanoGallery - Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

2. Turn.js

Turn.js is a very elegant jQuery plugin that basically makes page content of your website like the pages of a magazine or an e-book. It would seem like that you are actually reading a real book on the web.

TurnJS - Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

3. Scroll Path

Scroll Path is a jQuery plugin which is used to build scrolling for page content on your web page. This JS plugin uses canvas flavored syntax to make lines and arcs on a web page.

jQueryScrollPath - Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

4. Noty

Noty is a Plugin for jQuery which is implemented to fabricate alerts, errors, confirmations, warnings, information and success type messages. It offers decently designed boxes for alerts.

NotyJS - Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

5. Tubular

Tubular is a jQuery plug-in which will enable you to keep a YouTube video as background of your webpage. It delivers pretty easy set-up and it always “just work”, given the immediate visual interest to your web page layouts.

Tubular - Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

6. Gridster

Gridster is an awesome jQuery plug-in which helps you to build multi-column, drag-and-drop block layouts that make it simple to pull and push content across your web page.

Gridster - Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

7. fakeLoader

fakeLoader is a basically jQuery plugin that is very lightweight and enables you to structure an animated spinner with a full-screen loading mask to help you simulate your web page preloading effect.

FakeLoader - Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

8. Ideal Forms

If you are getting irritated with the old HTML elements validations every time and want to make amazing validations with the help of jQuery then Ideal form is the best jQuery plugin that will help you validate textbox, radio-buttons, drop-down lists, checkboxes etc.

IdealForm - Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

9. FitText

FitText.js is a great jQuery plug-in for fitting the text content on your web page as per the size of the screen. It mostly applied for large text that looks cramped on small resolutions.

FitText - Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins

10. Favico.js

Favico is amazing jQuery plug-in which lets you animate your favicon with animated badges. It also allows you to customize the type of animation and also their position, background color and text color.

Favico - Best 10 jQuery Plug-ins


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