Best 10 Project Management Tools

Best 10 Project Management Tools

Best 10 Project Management Tools

Business organizations seek to supply project work on schedule and in a budget, but when there is turbulence in resource distribution, you need help for keeping track of all the bits. You can resolve this dilemma by using project management software. These collaborative, internet-based, real-time tools allow team members and partners to keep a supervision on every tiny detail that helps to cultivate a project to fruition. We have presented a list of Best 10 Project Management Tools for your reference. Enjoy reading and stay updated.

1. TrelloTrello - Best 10 Project Management Tools

Trello is not like the generally used project management software, rather a free visual way to view over your whole project with just a single glance. With this project management tool, you can arrange cards, which can be your conversations, thoughts or the to-do lists. It allows you to place the cards on a board for everybody to participate on. It offers a non-premium version of the software absolutely free but also provides a gold package at $45 a year.

2. BasecampBasecamp - Best 10 Project Management Tools

Basecamp is recognized as one of the leading project management tools available in the market today. It offers a coherent and easily to operate UI (user interface) to work simultaneously with your project team and client as well. It enables a user to structure more than one project or a setup discussions. It also gives the functionalities like creating to-do lists, managing files, documents creation and sharing, and date scheduling.

3. Teamwork Teamwork Projects - Best 10 Project Management Tools

Teamwork is a highly productive project management tool to supervise all your projects with your team. It enables users to maintain all the projects, tasks and files all in just one place and to collaborate easily with a team. It has the functionalities which help you to monitor the entire project through a highlighted calendar and Gantt chart and statistics reporting. It offers file management with cloud services.

4. ActiveCollabActiveCollab - Best 10 Project Management Tools

With the recent release of its new version 5.0, ActiveCollab has a new and improved app which is now sturdier and attentive project management tool. It provides features like team collaboration, importing expenses, time tracking and task management. ActiveCollab has the feature named “Invoicing” that makes it more attractive. It offers to track payments and expenses and have invoices paid directly within the app.

5. MS ProjectsMS Project - Best 10 Project Management Tools

Microsoft is the name that everybody knows. MS Project provides flexibility and choice by offering attuned task management solutions for personal use, team use, and enterprises use. Ingenious capabilities through the whole lifecycle to help companies efficiently begin, opt, outline and deliver projects on schedule and within budget. The desktop version of this software is available as a simple Office 365 subscription that enables you to operate from anywhere.

6. Zoho ProjectsZoho Projects- Best 10 Project Management Tools

Zoho Projects is the project management tool from Zoho, a well-known brand that helps 15 million users to work online. This Project management tool is used widely in almost every industry from large to small scale to deliver great work on time. It lets you plan your projects, communicate effectively, never miss a crucial update and view detailed statistical reports on progress. It also lets you add unlimited users on all plans without a single extra penny.

7. WrikeWrike - Best 10 Project Management Tools

Wrike is an advanced project management software application which helps you work rather the smart way by ensuring that you would always stay on track and have the sufficient resources to complete your work on time and in a budget. It enables features like setting up tasks, coordinating your team and also lets you incorporate your work with business tools such as Google Apps, MS Excel, Dropbox and many more.

8. AssemblaAssembla - Best 10 Project Management Tools

Assembla project management tool has a system called “Ticketing” which lets you assign work to your team members in remote places via tickets. Assembla seems a little bit confusing at first sight but after it giving some time, you’ll get your work done pretty smoothly. It seems to be like one of those online forums where users discuss stuff but in this app, the project leader is the one who is in control of most of the game.

9. SlackSlack - Best 10 Project Management Tools

Slack’s team management tool offers to help create the non-essential communication among you and your teammates not only simpler but a whole lot better. The trick to loving this online platform is to understand when to utilize it, as it seems suitable all use cases. Collaborators and friends can make a team on Slack, and then share documents and links among themselves. All the communication on Slack will get grouped into separate searchable channels.

10. ProofHubProofHub - Best 10 Project Management Tools

With an organized UI (user interface) and hardcore focus on simplicity, ProofHub certainly offers all the primary features you require to help you manage the projects. It is a very good project management software platform, with so many service levels. ProofHub project management tool is at its best at the $99 per month Premium version. However, other project management platforms deliver more and put ProofHub a little bit behind.


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