Best 10 reasons to use Google AdWords

Best 10 reasons to use Google AdWords

Best 10 reasons to use Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an advertising program founded by Google that  can help your small or big business to grow and  highlight to your customers according to their search by the words they have typed. The words we call it as Keywords. Following are best 10 reasons to use Google AdWords and how it makes benefit to your business.


1) Better than SEO


Google AdWords is better than SEO because it’s easy to collect ROI(Return On Investment). It’s purely an advertising mechanism where you have to pay money when any visitor clicks on that ad. SEO doesn’t need to pay any thing. SEO is the term in which Google will rank your website and according to that your website will be placed on Google page while in AdWords your website will be placed at the front page and also on top.

2) Easy to reach with your customer

Best-10-reasons-to-use-GoogleAdWords_easy to reach

When any customer types keywords(Word or phrases) regarding to your business then your ad will be appeared to them on the very first page that they can visit which is very beneficial for you.

3) Can Control Your Advertising Costs


When any one clicks on your ad then only that will be charged not when your ads are appeared which is called CPC(Cost Per Click). This mechanism is very cost-effective.

4) Helps Beat Your Competitors


People relies on SEO sometimes. SEO is good but it takes a lot time to grow up your business. Very less people are there in compare of the people who just does SEO. So, in comparison of both, the visitors will find the sites first which has used Google Adwords. You can easily beat your customers with Google Adwords.

5) Easier than SEO


In SEO you need to get your website to be ranked which is very time consuming  while in Adwords you don’t need any ranking for your website and it is very easy task to do.

6) Attraction to the customers


This is very obvious thing. Frankly telling you, customers will always click on the sites which appears on first page. None one will try to go on second page and with Google Adwords, your business will be displayed first on the page.

7) Immediate response


with Google Adwords, your business will be displayed first on the page. So, it’s a 80% chance that customer will visit your website once.

8) Transparency


A Complete transparency will be maintained here because you can view that how many customers has clicked your ads, how long they stayed in your website and how many people had booked an appointment on your website and very importantly how much it will be coast to you.

9) You can choose where your ad appears

Best-10-reasons-to-use-GoogleAdWords_where to place

Advertise with AdWords lets you to decide, where your ads can appear on different places across the web depending on how you target your ads, to whom you choose to show them, and the types of ads you create. You can also choose your ads to be appeared below the search result, besides or above the search results.

10) See what’s working in your ad


Best-10-reasons-to-use-GoogleAdWords_see what is working

You can also see how your ads are working. You can view how much visitors are visiting your website using ads. You can also calculate the costs that will you going to get or pay.

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