Best 10 Safety Android Apps For Women

Best 10 Safety Android Apps For Women

Best 10 Android Apps For Women

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AS we know there are lots of issues regarding women’s safety. The Technology helps in this matter. Here we prepare the Best 10 Safety Android Apps for Women that help women in case of emergencies.

1) Circle of 6 app


This is the unique app that lets you connect at the top close 6 contacts. If you find and an emergency this app lets you enable the notifications to alert the 6 close contacts. On the top of the app, these app also helps you to connect you to proper authorities. [Get it here]

2) TellTail



It is created by the DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Model Transit System Ltd.), this application tracks the you through either by the GPS on the phone or the vehicle. This app tracks the you even if the phone doesn’t have GPS, this app tracks you by their vehicle. You can also send the messages to selected group of contacts as well in case of emergency. [Get it here]

3) Scream Alarm!


This app helps you to generate very loud voice in the times when your own lungs may fail you. The generated voice is the women’s voice that helps you to deterring from the trouble makers. [Get it here]

4) VithU App


When you are in the danger you don’t have the time to dial the emergency number. This app lets you send the alert messages to your contacts along with their physical location. This message is sent to the contacts by every 2-minute duration. [Get it here]

5) Women’s Security



Most of the apps have message service which is quite unreliable. The women’s security app lets you record 40 seconds of the voice messages which will be sending even if you don’t have active interaction. Even if you don’t have the network range this app send the message automatically when you receive the network signals. [Get it here]

6) Life360 Family Locator App


Life360 is the multipurpose app that helps you to create the circles so you can add the family members and friends. You can share your GPS location and also check the location of your friends and family members. This app also helps you to send the alert messages to your circle. This app also helps you to find theft or stolen phone. [Get it here]

7) I’m Shakti App



Shakti (power in Sanskrit) app helps you to reach your emergency contacts. After pressing power buttons 5 times, it triggers the app and the preset emergency message will be sent along with your GPS location. [Get it here]

8) Nirbhaya: Be Fearless App


The Nirbhaya app lets you send an alert message or call with the single pitch in the case of emergency. When this app is activated it will send the precise GPS location to your contacts, with the exact location updates every 3000 meters you move.

Other features:
GEO fence: which helps your contacts to informed your location
Shake to alert: This app helps you to send distress signals to your contacts. [Get it here]

9) bSafe


This app’s motto is “Never walk Alone”. This app helps you to create the guardians which help who will receive the messages in case of emergency. This app also helps to send you current GPS location. You can also enable the GPS tracker and let your friends to know your location at any time. [Get it here]

10) Police Nearby


As the name suggest this app helps to find your nearest police station around you based on your GPS location. It is extremely useful in case of thefts, robbery, and other emergencies. [Get it here]

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