10 Best Apps For Your Android Wear Smartwatch

10 Best Apps For Your Android Wear Smartwatch

10 Best Apps For Your Android Wear Smartwatch

Numbers of Android-Wear-enabled smartwatches are available in the market. As Smartwatch users are growing rapidly, New apps for android wear launch every day To increase convenience. so It’s difficult to find best apps. These apps do more than just popping notifications up to your wrist — they can track your health and fitness, entertain you, and more. So let’s see, some of the best 10 Android Wear apps. Many of the following apps still rely on a partner app on your smartphone, but a few comes with standalone functionality. Either way, they all are must-haves for your smartwatch.I have provided links to Google Play Store to the corresponding competitions at  


1) Nest


About – Even on Wear 2.0 you’ll still need the phone app to get Nest working, but once they’re paired you can use your watch to control your home heating (assuming you do, in fact, have a Nest thermostat of course). So what makes it better on Wear 2.0? Rotational input, friends. Assuming your watch has a digital crown like the LG Watch Sport and Style, you’ll be able to use it to adjust the temperature. It’s the little things that matter.


2) Strava


About – Strava has given its app an update for Android Wear 2.0, letting it work on the watch independently. For devices like the LG Watch Sport, which include built-in GPS and LTE, this means you can now track your runs and biking sessions sans smartphone. It also gives you another fitness platform to choose from besides the default Google’s Fit app.


3) Glide


About – Glide’s phone app wants to make sending and receiving video messages as basic as texting, and on the Android Wear app, enhanced for Wear 2.0, you can watch video and hear audio from your conversations. You can also send back audio if your watch is rocking a mic like the LG Watch Sport’s.


4) Lifesum


About – If you want to keep track of your food intake, Lifesum gets even more handy on Android Wear 2.0 as you don’t just get to track independently on your wrist, but you also get complication widgets for the watch face. Keeping tabs on those calories is now more simple.


5) Google Slides


About – Here is a new incentive to use the latest version of Google Slides for your presentations: You can now use your Android Wear smartwatch to both timekeep and remotely control your slides. The only catch is that you need to first “cast” your slides to a Chromecast-enabled display, or present them in a video call, before your watch will transform into a slick presentation remote.


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6) Feel The Wear


About – Another necessary enhancement for your Android Wear smartwatch is Feel The Wear. This app changes up the rather boring default vibration your smartwatch will have for most notifications and messages. Instead, you can customize a special vibration “tone” for all sorts of apps and notifications to tell apart your messages without even glancing at your watch.


7) Sleep as Android


About – We’re big fans of Sleep As Android, which lets you monitor your sleep patterns just by placing your smartphone on your mattress at night. If you have an Android Wear watch then the app can give you even more data on how you’re sleeping: activate the wearable option inside the phone app and you can then start sleep tracking from either device.


8) Google Authenticator


About – If you use two-factor authentication for your Google account, then Google Authenticator is a must-have, hands down. This app keeps a copy of your two-factor keys right on your smartwatch, linked through the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone. This means you can get two-factor authentication codes without even taking out your smartphone, glancing at your watch discretely and easily. Your codes will be always in reach, and with two-factor authentication your accounts will remain safer than ever.


9) IF by IFTTT


About – IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That’, and enables you to link apps together to create applets to perform certain actions – for example, IF your weather app says it’s going to rain THEN tell your Philips Hue lights to turn blue. The IF Android Wear app enables you to automate a host of tasks such as sending automated SMS messages by tapping your smartwatch.


10) Wear Store for Wear Apps


About – Last but not least, we have to note how difficult it is to use Google’s own Android Wear app store. A lot of apps get lost in the confusion since some are unique, Android Wear apps, and others are regular apps with additional Android Wear functionality. The Wear Store is a third-party store available for download that helps sort through all of that chaos. Compared to the Android Wear store, this app store is far more useful for finding new Android smartwatch apps and is a much better way to get reviews, hear feedback, and stay tuned to the latest and greatest smartwatch apps launching every week.

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