10 Best Games of 2017

10 Best Games of 2017

10 Best Games of 2017

As far as the gamers are concerned, 2017 is going to bring so many surprises for them. With 2016 behind us, it’s the time to explore the slate of exciting video games releasing over the next 12 months – some that we’ve waited a very long time for and can’t wait to play! The best games of 2017 so far have set quite a precedent, but there’s still so much left to look forward to in the near and distant future. We’ve shifted through all the upcoming Xbox One games, Nintendo Switch games and PS4 games to present you with the most exciting titles on the horizon, you better start saving up for these games. So, here we present some of the best games of the year 2017.

1) Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Initial Release : March 14,2017

About – It is already delayed from its original Nov 2016 launch window. This four-player VR game is basically your chance to play out the Kobayashi Maru simulation. In Star Trek Bridge Crew, you can play various roles on the bridge of the Enterprise and you can wander around with your friends. In VR, it looks absolutely stunning as a piece of fan-service. Well, the game is out in the market and people are loving it.


2) The last of us 2

Initial Release : 2017

About – As you can see in this trailer, which does contain some minor spoilers if you’ve never played the original game, that is certainly not the case. It’s not entirely clear exactly what the story will be this time around, but the ominous and fearful tone of Ellie’s looming threats suggest that this will be a story of revenge. The recipient of said revenge seems to be fairly obvious based on context clues in the trailer, but in the interest of not completely outlining the ending of the original game, we will not speculate on their identity here.


3) Persona 5

Initial Release : April 4,2017

About – After nearly a decade of development and a evolution from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4, Persona 5 will finally arrive in April 2017. The role-playing game still follows high school students with supernatural powers in a highly stylized world. Persona 5 brought a dramatic shift in the series. Where Persona 3 and Persona 4 focused on typical teens in abnormal circumstances – secret paramilitary ghost fighters in the last one, a Japanese riff on Scooby Doo mystery solving – where in Persona 5, there is a group of flamboyant young cat burglars. Think Lupin the Third by way of Degrassi.


4) Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Initial Release : March 7, 2017

About – Ubisoft is putting major efforts on the “teaming up” nature of Ghost Recon: Wildlands. In this game, players control government agents running around Bolivia, fighting drug cartels. Major aspects of the game are teaming up to take on missions, the looks of things, determining the best tactics and options as a group and then relying on your pals to execute their roles, will be a great fun to experience. Ubisoft’s focus on teaming up with friends has been a big part of its recent shooters, such as Rainbow Six: Siege and The Division. We’re excited to experience the open world of Wildlands, where you can add vehicles like helicopters and motorbikes to the fight.


5) Injustice 2

Initial Release : May 16,2017

About – Batman, Superman, and a slew of other DC comic’s heroes and villains are back to fight in Injustice 2, Netherrealm Studios have used the slick new engine which they have used in Mortal Kombat X before. There are so many fanservice in this 2nd part. Injustice 2 is taking an interesting gamble with the addition of gear in a fighting game, and 5D fighter for anyone with even the slightest knowledge of DC Comics, They have worked hard to give your preferred character extended abilities and a personalized look.


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6) Red Dead Redemption 2

Initial Release : fall,2017

About – Perhaps the worst-kept secret in the gaming history, Rockstar Games finally went public with Red Dead Redemption 2 in the fall of 2017. Well, We all came in contact of Rockstar Games through the GTA series. To assume the game will stay on schedule for a fall 2017 release could probably be labeled as optimistic, but we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll be able to play it before 2018. Till then, we can enjoy the trailer.


7) God of War

Initial Release : TBC 2017

About – Having torn the Greek pantheon asunder, Kratos (now sporting a scruffy beard) has set his sights on a new mythology to conquer: Norse. The fourth main entry in the legendarily brutal PlayStation series – God of War – drops the numbering and looks like it’ll force Kratos to control his endless rage, as he acts as the father figure for a young, as-yet-unnamed boy with latent lightning powers. Don’t worry, you’ll still slay plenty of fantastical creatures along the way – but expect a lot more character development and quieter moments in between all the carnage.


8) Prey

Initial Release : May 5,2017

About – Don’t worry if you missed the 2006 FPS Prey – this reimagined Prey by the same name chucks everything from its predecessor out the window. Developed by Arkane Studios, the team behind the Dishonored games, this sci-fi shooter has you confined on a space station that’s been overrun by shape-shifting, shadow-like aliens. Protagonist Morgan Yu will have to fight back against these invaders in a struggle to survive, even as his (or her) sanity seems to deteriorate bit by bit.


9) Tekken 7

Initial Release : June 2,2017

About – Funnily enough, Tekken 7 has been in Japanese arcades since early 2015, and it’s taking its sweet time in making the transition to Western consoles. But with any luck, that extra wait will be worth it. Tekken 7 is the next iteration of Bandai Namco’s famed 3D fighting series, bringing back veterans from the King of Iron Fist tournament alongside some spiffy-looking newcomers – including Kazumi Mishima, Kazuya’s mother who can perform literal tiger uppercuts with her beast companion. Expect plenty of heavy-hitting animations, devastating ground bounce combos, and bizarre backdrops.


10) Days Gone

Initial Release : TBC 2017

About – If you think zombies have been done to death, well… you’re right, but that isn’t stopping the PS4-exclusive Days Gone. The enemies in this open-world post-apocalypse aren’t technically undead – the so-called ‘Freakers’ are actually infected humans who have gone feral and seem eager to devour our hero Deacon (voiced by and modelled after Sam Witwer, who you might recognize as Starkiller from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed). What really sets the Freaker horde apart is just how many can be chasing you at once; there are times when they’re practically flooding out of the environment, and all you can do to survive is simply run. Another PS4 Pro optimised game that promises to look incredible.


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