Best 10 Payment Gateways

Best 10 Payment Gateways

Best 10 Payment Gateways

The payment gateway is an online service that helps the organizations or merchants to accept money from their users and customers via the web-based platform.There are many payment gateways are available, but here we listed best 10 payment gateways that help you to do online transactions.



Website: is one of the best payment gateway founded in 1996. It has come the long way to being popular payment gateway. More than 400,000 customer use for accept online payment. It includes $49 as setup fees and $29 as monthly gateway fees.



2. PayPal


PayPal is one of the best payment gateway. It’s incepted in 1998 and launched in 1999. It’s also widely used the payment gateway that accepts both credit card or debit card payment. Around 341,491 sites used this portal. It includes transaction fees of “3.4% + $0.30USD” when using PayPal credit card payment.




Website: is one of the best payment gateway for receive online payment. It used since August 1997. It offers the online shopping cart, electronic check service, accept mobile payment, etc. it includes “25%-1%” plus ‘$0.25’ charges per transaction and also you have to pay $400 for terminating your service.




Website: is one of the best payment gateway and founded in 1999. It offered service in 196 countries and accept payment like credit card, debit card, PayPal. It includes transaction charge “3.9%+45₵” per transaction in India




5. First Data Corporation


First Data Corporation is one of the best and 30-year-old payment gateway.It provides online payment service since 1969. It offers services for credit card, debit card, gift card and many other offers. It also includes transaction charge.


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6. BluePay Processing


BluePay Processing is one of the best and new payment gateway. It offers services since 2002. It has earned good reputation within a short time. It accepts payment via credit card and e-checks. It includes $15 monthly service fees.




7. PaySimple


Paysimple is best and new payment gateway. It accepts payment via credit card and e- Checks payment. It also includes plan charges. Basic plan starts from $34.95/month. It is best payment gateway for small and medium size stores.





Website: is best payment gate for your start up and founded in 2003. Fastcharge doesn’t require any setup fees. You have to pay $10 per month gateway fee. It covers more than 5200 shopping carts. It only offers credit card processing.


9. Stripe


Stripe is one of the best payment gateways. It includes 100+ currencies. It offers payment via credit card, debit card, e-checks. It includes charging 2.9%+30₵ per successful transaction.




10. ChronoPay


ChronoPay is one of the best and ideal payment gateway for accept online payments and founded in 2003. It accepts payments via Bank cards(Visa, Master cards, American Express) and other payment methods. It includes charges as per your transaction.

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