Top 10 LinkedIn Influencers in India

Top 10 LinkedIn Influencers in India

Top 10 LinkedIn Influencers in India

Linkedin is one of the most popular professional social networking platforms where millions of professionals from all worldwide industries are a part of this huge community. They all talk about and expand their businesses by creating profiles on LinkedIn and developing connections to establish real work professional relationships with other professionals. This platform is also an adda to some great Indian Influencers. These influencers have already expanded roots in the global business ecosystem. Let’s take a look at these all LinkedIn Influencers in India.

1) Narendra Modi | Prime Minister, India


About – He’s India’s one of the most powerful leaders who writes on the economy and his government’s policies. He writes about his travels across the world, his new app (probably the only global leader to have an app to connect to the populace) and has of late been writing about his efforts to tackle India’s “black money problem.
His most popular blog is “Speed, scale and resilience: India’s way ahead”, where he talked about his efforts to clean up India’s infrastructure bottlenecks.”

He says – “Go cashless. Today we live in an era of mobile banking and mobile wallets. Ordering food, buying and selling furniture, ordering a taxi…all of this and lot more is possible through your mobiles. I am sure most of you are using cards and e-wallets regularly but I thought I must share with you ways through which increased cashless transactions are possible.”


2) Shradha Sharma | Founder & CEO, YourStory Media


About – This writer turned entrepreneur writes from the heart on a range of topics, from entrepreneurship to social impact.Shradha is a graphologist who analyses handwriting. She joined the trainee program of one of India’s premier hotels and left within a month.
Her most popular blog is “How thick-skinned are you?” On dealing with rejection as a first-time entrepreneur.

She says -“When you stand on the road, be the person of the road; know how to cross the street and know how to deal with the traffic coming your way,” she wrote, quoting advice from her father.



3) Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw | CMD, Biocon


About This biotech pioneer writes on a range of subjects — from healthcare to social and civic issues. She once pulled up the parliament for allowing internals tiffs to come in the way of passing critical laws.
“Women Can Achieve Anything They Set Their Minds On” a subject close to her heart that also resonated well with the readers.

Her popular news story – “The Brexit was expected to spell doomsday for global markets. Thankfully, it didn’t pan out that way.”



4) Vani Kola | Managing Director, Kalaari


About – This entrepreneur turned venture capitalist often shares her personal anecdotes and insights while writing about various aspects of entrepreneurship and the startup eco-system in India. Her most popular article was “Should we Celebrate Failure?” — on the benefits and drawbacks of celebrating failure — saw an overwhelming response from readers, getting over 450 comments.

She says – “Hmm. People tell me they are intimidated by me and I am surprised each time because that is not how I see myself.”



5) Santosh Desai | Managing Director & CEO, Futurebrands


About – Desai is more of a social commentator, who writes on everything from technological trends to commentary on the political atmosphere, his analytical pieces are written with a view that goes beyond the obvious. His one of the most popular articles is “The Enigma of Work” which challenged deeply entrenched ideas of what constitutes work and offered a fresh perspective on something we otherwise take for granted.

His popular news story – “The US election campaign—for obvious reasons. A lot was at stake, the manner in which the battle was fought was unprecedented, and the outcome has implications for the entire world in ways that cannot be fully fathomed.”



6) Ravi Venkatesan | Chairman, Bank of Baroda


About – An technology leader for most of his career, Ravi offers a sharp, incisive take on contemporary business issues, innovation and social enterprise.
His most popular article is “From horseless to driverless: the future of the car” a sharp look at disruptions across various industries.

He says – “I write in order to shape people’s thinking. So it’s about reach and engagement. I measure these by the number of views, comments, and shares.”




7) Shashi Tharoor | Member of Parliament


About – After decades in the United Nations, Tharoor moved into politics and offers keen insights into the world of the UN as well as the Indian government. He’s one of India’s newest LinkedIn Influencers. His one of the most popular posts includes “The race for UN Secretary-General is a political race. Here’s who stands a chance.” in which, he wrote about the race for the post of the United Nations secretary general and offered an insider’s view on the UN.

His views on Indian politics – “Consensus, not coercion, is the spirit of Indian democracy and this must always triumph even if there are economic frustrations. India’s soul cannot ever come with a price tag,”



8) Anant Gupta | CEO, HCL



About – Wearing many hats, Anant Gupta, President and CEO of HCL, has been a great strategist and operational leader of HCL. His engagement with HCL, since its nascent time, has made him a strong pillar of this company. Born in Delhi, Anant obtained B.Sc (Honors) in Physics and M.Sc in Engineering from Liverpool University, UK.

Having authored “The Blackbook on the Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) – Demystifying the third ‘wave’ of Outsourcing”, he is also a founder member of NASSCOMs’ RIM Forum. He is a great incubator for a new approach to Application Management and Digital System Integration for strategic development of apps. He serves as Trustee of HCLT Foundation, and have earned “2014 Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Leadership Award – 7 Principles” for his efforts to empower women employees.


9) Ram Charan | Global Advisor, Author & Speaker


About – Having 35 years of working with top firms and CEO, Ram Charan is known to simplify the complexity of business processing and device real world solutions. Having penned 15 books on business, like “Leaders At All Levels”, “Boards At Work”, “Know How and Execution” and much more, Ram Charan has earned many laurels like Thinkers 50, Global Indian of 2010 by The Economic Times of India etc.

He has been elected as a Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources and has also served boards of Tyco Electronics, Austin Industries, Fischer and Porter, Hindalco, Emaar. He nurtured many CEOs through in-house executive education programs.



10) Kris Gopalakrishnan | Co Founder, Infosys


About – Having served as the co-founder and MD of Infosys, Kris has been a technology evangelist and has been voted as the Top CEO in IT category in Institutional Investor’s inaugural ranking of Asia’s Top Executives and winner of Asian Corporate Director Recognition Awards in 2011 by Corporate Governance Asia. Having earned his Master’s degree in computer science and physics from the IIT Madras, he bagged Padma Bhushan and has served as the board member of IIM Bangalore, IIT Chennai.

He served as International Advisory Boards of China Europe International Business School and New York Academy of Sciences. He has been elected President of Confederation of Indian Industry and also served as the co-chairman of the World Economic Forum. The laurels are countless!


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