Top 10 Best Marissa Mayer Leadership Quotes

Top 10 Best Marissa Mayer Leadership Quotes

Best 10 Marissa Mayer Quotes on Leadership

Marissa Ann Mayer was born on May 30,1975. She is the Currently working as the CEO of Yahoo! since July 2012. She has done BS in symbolic systems and MS in Computer Science. Marissa Mayer is the first female employee at the google. Marissa Mayer has too many quotes on leadership. Life of Marissa Mayer is very inspiring. Here we created top 10 best Marissa Mayer leadership quotes.

1) “Geeks are people who love something so much that all the details matter.”


2) “It’s really wonderful to work in an environment with a lot of smart people.”


3) “You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you.”


4) “What you want, when you want it. As opposed to everything you could ever want, even when you don’t.”


5) “I like to stay in the rhythm of things.”


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6) “I love technology, and I don’t think it’s something that should divide along gender lines.”


7) “I think that for me, it’s God, family and Yahoo – in that order .”



8) “For some people, what really matters to them is sleep.”


9) “Employees, especially young people, want more than a paycheck.”


10) “Good students are good at all things. “


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