10 Fun things to do without internet

10 Fun things to do without internet

10 Fun things you can do when there is no Internet

Nowadays, Internet has become the most crucial part of our lives. It’s like one won’t be able to even survive without the internet. A few weeks back, I got to know from a friend that in a recent survey by TOI, people chose wifi over the electricity!!! People are just addicted to it and the scariest part is, a disease called “internet addiction disorder” now exists in the world. But if we see the bright side then self-learning, faster information transfer, the cashless transactions, live news updates, online marketing, cloud computing and all have become possible just because of the internet. Many times you feel like your world has fallen apart, time has stopped and nothing is left for you in this whole world when the internet gets down. Now here, we have come up with fun things you can do on a computer when the internet is not there. So, 10 fun things to do without internet are following. (P.S. Thank us later.)

1) Play some good music videos


This is probably one of my most favorite things to do, period. People love listening to the music but it would be like “icing on the cake” if you have music videos. If you have such tendency (like I have) that you watch a music video on YouTube, if you like it, download it (in 720p) and there you go! Here, keepvid.com is the ultimate savior. And you are reading this which means you have the internet connection working right now, so right after completing reading this blog, start storing food for the winter [because “Winter is coming”].

2) Watch Movies/TV Series


The feeling of satisfaction you get after watching a good movie is heavenly AF. If you have a really good (IMDb-top-250 -good) collection of movies, but couldn’t watch because you were too busy surfing internet the whole time, then it is the time, start watching a good movie and if the internet is not gonna come any sooner then have a movie marathon. Watching TV series is also a great option if you keep them on your PC/hard drive. Even if you have watched all the seasons a million times, TV series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Breaking Bad and The Big Bang Theory are still great fun to watch.

3) Play Computer Games


Computer games (offline) are the best time-killers. I am not saying you have to be a hardcore gamer for this but if you have endless games like Counter-Strike, Fifa, Chess, etc. installed on your PC, then I bet you will be playing those even if your internet comes back. OKAY, you don’t have those games but, in Windows, Microsoft provides some for the people like you which are also addictive. You can play Solitaire and Minesweeper anytime.

4) MS Paint


There is always a hidden artist living inside everyone. Responsibilities and busy schedules [i.e. engineering] made him/her asleep but yes, you can wake him/her up when the internet goes. Start paint (for the first time after 3rd standard) and make crazy paintings. You can set those as wallpaper afterward.

5) Go Through Or Edit Your Old Photos


Memories are the best of things and make us realize about the happiest time we lived. We all want to go back to those time but can’t because of the obvious reasons. So, photos are always there to cheer us up and while you are going through them, unknowingly a candid baby smile comes on your face. Does it sound boring? Okay. So, as a fun thing, you can edit those photos in a funny way or can also add some filters to make them more beautiful and when the internet comes back, send those to your loved ones.

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6) Clean Your Computer


Same as our room, we never clean our computers until they slow down. So, start the application CCleaner which you installed with the windows but used in 90’s for the last time. Now, clean all the junk files breeding in your computer and give some contribution to the “Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan”. You can also start scanning your computer for viruses. Here, any antivirus would do a decent job. Your computer would be overwhelmed by this gesture.

7) Organize Files And Folders Category Wise


Organizing folders category wise is as important as cleaning your PC. What generally we do is, we keep all the data taken from the pen-drive on the desktop randomly and all downloaded files in the downloads folder. So, finding things when it’s needed is very difficult. Organizing files and folders category wise can save a lot of time in the future and in addition, it looks nice when everything is “Monica-Geller” clean and organized.

8) Try To Learn Commands Of Command Prompt


A huge amount of commands are provided in command prompt. If you are a geek and interested in doing new things with computers then, open command prompt and type “help” then hit Enter. You will get an alphabetically sorted list of commands which you can try one by one in command prompt and see what it can do. Later, you can show them to your friends and make them be like,” Bro!!!! you are a hacker or what!!”

9) Make Patterns With Simple Programming


You don’t have to be a smart-ass programmer for this. You have learned simple programming in C language in school or in the first semester of engineering. So, if your interest in that hasn’t died then start making simple pattern programs with combinations of nested loops[i.e. FOR, WHILE]. You can make pyramids of numbers or shapes like diamond and heart to dedicate to someone.

10) Play T-Rex Runner


Are you in Office? Are you working on company’s PC? Are there No movies? No music? No photos? Not interested in cleaning and organizing your PC or learning commands in cmd? Are all windows games uninstalled? Well, there is one thing they can’t take away from you and that is Google Chrome. This web browser is fun to open even if there is no internet and the only reason is “T-Rex Runner”. You can play “T-Rex Runner” only when the internet is down. Just start chrome and wait for the error message of not having the internet then press “space” (I am leaving the rest to you).

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