Top 10 CEOs of IT Companies Under the Age of 40

Top 10 CEOs of IT Companies Under the Age of 40

Top 10  CEOs of IT Companies Under the Age of 40

Here is the list of Top 10 CEOs of IT companies who all are under the age of 40 years. This list includes world’s leading IT companies, so enjoy reading and stay updated.

MARK-ZUCKERBERG - Top 10 CEOs of IT companies

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Age: 29 years
Company: Facebook

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur. He is  one of the five co-founders of the revolutionary social networking site Facebook. He is the head and the CEO of Facebook, Inc.


Jack Dorsey- Top 10 CEOs of IT companies

2. Jack Dorsey

Age: 38 years
Company: Twitter

Jack Dorsey is a businessman and computer programmer. He is best known as the latest CEO and a co-founder of  Twitter and as the founder and CEO of the mobile payments company “Square”.


Marissa Mayer_Top- Top 10 CEOs of IT companies

3. Marissa Mayer

Age: 40 years
Company: Yahoo

Marissa Ann Mayer is the  CEO of Yahoo!. She got the position in 2012. Before that, she was a prominent executive and well-known face  for Google.



Jeremy Stoppelman- Top 10 CEOs of IT companies

4. Jeremy Stoppelman

Age: 36 years
Company: Yelp

Jeremy Stoppelman is a famous businessman. He is the CEO and a co-founder of  Yelp, Inc., which was founded in 2004. Jeremy got his graduation degree from the University of Illinois in 1999 in computer engineering.


David Karp- Top 10 CEOs of IT companies5. David Karp
Age: 29 years
Company: Tumblr

David Karp is a web architect and well-known businessman. Short-form blogging platform Tumblr was founded by him. He is  the CEO of the same.  According to Forbes, Karp’s net worth is more than $200 million, and Tumblr’s value has been estimated at $800 million.


Kevin Systrom- Top 10 CEOs of IT companies

6.Kevin Systrom

Age: 31 years
Company: Instagram

Kevin Systrom is an IT programmer and well-known entrepreneur. He is famously known as the CEO and a Co-founder of  an on-line mobile photo, video sharing application and social networking service “Instagram”.


Ben Silbermann- Top 10 CEOs of IT companies

7.Ben Silbermann

Age: 33 years
Company: Pinterest

Ben Silbermann is a prominent  internet entrepreneur. He is the CEO and also a co-founder of Pinterest, a virtual pinboard which allows users to manage images, links, recipes and other things.



Travis Kalanick- Top 10 CEOs of IT companies

8.Travis Kalanick

Age: 38 years
Company: Uber

Travis Cordell Kalanick is an American IT tycoon. He is best known for being a co-founder and the CEO of transportation network company, Uber and a co-founder of a p2p file sharing company Red Swoosh.


Daniel Ek- Top 10 CEOs of IT companies

9.Daniel Ek

Age: 32 years
Company: Spotify

Daniel Ek is a Swedish IT magnate  and a famous technologist who started “Spotify”, a music streaming  service. He was also known for being  the previous CEO of a popular BitTorrent client, “µTorrent”. He was only 14 years old when his first company was founded  in 1997.


Aaron Winsor- Top 10 CEOs of IT companies

10.Aaron Winsor

Age: 29 years
Company: Box

Aaron Winsor  is a profound American entrepreneur. He has  co-founded the enterprise cloud company Box and is also the current CEO of the company, which as of 2014, had 39,000 paying corporate customers worldwide. His net worth exceeds $100 million.

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