Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs In The World

Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs In The World

Top 10 Cities for IT Jobs In The World

Here’s given the list of top 10 cities in the world for IT jobs. Today, information technology sector is one of the most dominating business verticals in the world that contribute large part in the world’s economy. Enjoy reading and get updated.


Major IT companies: Google, Intel, Apple, Facebook

SAN FRANCISCO-Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs

It is a world famous tourist destination, and the IT industry itself has become the backbone of the economy of the city. Its tech/information sector includes leading IT start-ups and acclaimed IT giants headquartered locally such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Intel, Twitter, Dropbox and more, which could be considered sea of IT job opportunities.


Major IT companies: Logica, Laird, BAE Systems

london-Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs

Britain’s IT industry is expanding faster than the Silicon Valley with London becoming a “digital powerhouse” of the sector. To work in IT company anywhere in the UK, this would be considered a great timing because while London’s growing in terms of IT industry, three-quarters of UK’s IT firms work outside of the capital.


Major IT companies: Verizon, Time Warner, Siemens

New_York-Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs

In New York city, many big IT companies such as Verizon, Siemens have been thriving, making a source of the handsomely paying job opportunities at a time when employment in many other traditional industry verticals has not been growing as quickly.


Major IT companies: Microsoft, RealNetworks,

seattle-Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs

More and more IT entrepreneurs from around the world come to this city because of its potential to reimburse daring ventures. The city includes the tech giants like Amazon, Boeing and Microsoft, all companies with dexterous employees that rival Silicon Valley’s tech giants.


Major IT companies: Motorola, Boeing, BearingPoint

chicago-Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs

In 1928 starting with Motorola, Chicago city has shown an unhurried but promising ecosystem ripe to support IT innovation. The city has become enamored by a number of startup darlings such as Braintree, GrubHub, Belly and SproutSocial and emerging tech companies like FoodGenius and Narrative Science, but the importance of the city’s base IT roots should not be overlooked.


Major IT companies: Dell, Freescale Semiconductor, Samsung, AMD

Austin-Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs

The turbulent growth of Austin’s tech industry has shown that the city is resilient when it comes to creating, developing and cultivating successful businesses even in a wretched economy. This city contains major IT organizations such as Samsung, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Apple, Applied Materials, Cisco Systems, Dell Inc., Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Intel, and 3M, and numerous other startup companies.


Major IT companies: Brambles, Optus, Accenture

sydney-Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs

The committee for Sydney’s report shows the quick growth of technology, including consumer favorites such as smartphones and tablets, is changing the whole scene of the IT service sector, one of Sydney’s biggest industry verticals.


Major IT companies: Facebook Inc., Nortel Networks, Rogers Communications, Celestica

Toronto-Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs

Some of the leading companies have stationed in this city including Facebook Inc. Which directly rented 25,000 square feet of space in the first quarter of 2015.When it comes to tech jobs such as data processing, software developers and computer system design, Toronto’s is now only up against Washington D.C., Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Boston.


Major IT companies: Flextronics, Singapore Telecommunications, WBL Corp

Singapore-Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs

With a population of just 5.4 million, This city-state isn’t quite the Silicon Valley. The city has had mixed outcome in trying to stimulate innovation in many industries such as biotechnology, media and entertainment. Still, as per the broad opinion of investors, the technology ecosystem here is rapidly growing and opportunities for jobs are growing as well.


Major IT companies: Wipro, Infosys, MphasiS

Banglore-Top 10 Cities For IT Jobs

No city would justify India’s growth potential in tech industry better than this beautiful city. It is India’s biggest IT-hub so far. No wonder then, that Bangalore is roofing some of the biggest global multinationals tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Adobe and Intel. These companies have their best facility infrastructures located in the city.


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