Top 10 CMS

Top 10 CMS


Web site development work is getting easy every day, now that many of the CMSs(content management system) are around to help. With the help of these content management systems, even rookie web developers or short experienced web developers can build beautifully designed websites or powerful web applications. Here, the list of Top 10 CMS is given. Enjoy reading and stay updated. Also, we have a list of 10 Best PHP Frameworks worth checking out.

1. WordPress

wordpress - Top 10 CMS
WordPress was launched in 2003. In the beginning, it was just a single bit of coding to improve the typography of daily writing and with total users, not more than we can count on our fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the biggest self-hosted blogging software tool available, anticipated on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people daily.

2. Joomla

Joomla- Top 10 CMS
It is an award-winning CMS (content management system), which allows you to create powerful web applications and websites. Many features, including its extensibility and user friendliness, have helped Joomla to become one of the most popular website software available nowadays. It is an open source solution which is freely available for everyone.

3. Drupal

drupal - Top 10 CMS

Drupal is an open source CMS platform, created, handled and used by a community of millions of users around the world for website and web application creation. The worldwide community steers the innovation that makes Drupal one of the favorite choices for web developers and site owners.

4. Magento

Magento - Top 10 CMS

Magento is a CMS platform for E-commerce websites that provides adaptable, sizeable E-commerce solutions, that is built to help you grow and succeed online. It provides a cost-effective technology platform that makes it possible for users to control the content, look, functionality and feel of their online store.

5. Expression Engine

ExpressionEngine - Top 10 CMS

This is a refined, flexible CMS platform for any type of programming work. Built to be extensible and easy to use, Expression Engine sets itself apart in how intuitive and clean their user administration area is. It needs only a few minutes to understand the design of the backend and to begin building content or to change the look.

6. Moodle

moodle - Top 10 CMS

Moodle is an educational CMS platform designed to enable educators, learners and administrators with a single secure, integrated and robust system to form individualized learning environments. It is open-source software, so it can be customized in any way and adapted to personal needs.

7. Textpattern

Textpattern - Top 10 CMS

Because of its simple elegance, Textpattern is a famous choice for web-designers. This isn’t a CMS tool that throws in every feature it can think of. The code base is short and optimized. It aims to offer an outstanding CMS that fabricates well-designed, responsive web-pages. The pages that are created are significantly light-weighted and fast-loading.

8. CMS Made Simple

CMS made simple - Top 10 CMS

As the name suggests, its simplicity is one of the best things in this CMS tool. CMS Made Simple is an open source content management system, which allows users to manage their web content really fast and easy. This CMS is scalable for large corporations to small business.

9. ModX

MODX - Top 10 CMS

Using this CMS you will be able to create easier and faster websites. Almost more than 100,000 websites has been created with the use of ModX CMS. It helps you to display your content well-built and more search engine friendly. This CMS has user community support for web programmers to gain more understanding of creating websites.

10. Silver stripe

SilverStripe - Top 10 CMS

SilverStripe is a PHP based CMS platform that functions similarly to WordPress, but has many more setting options and is more inclined towards content management than blogging. It was created with its own PHP framework Saphire, so in many senses it is kind of unique CMS.


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