Here is the list of  top 10 countries with most internet users in the world. Internet use has become crucial today and we want you to be aware of how many people uses internet every year.

(1.) China
Users: 618,110,570

china- Top 10 countries with most internet users

China is the country with the largest population in the world. They also come first in this race too. The Internet usage is growing in the world by seconds. So with consideration of country’s population, It’s not surprising that China comes first in internet usage. According to the most recent report over 618,110,570 internet users have operated the web from china in 2014.It has been reported that 95% of China’s internet user community is on the social networking media.

(2.) USA
Users: 266,441,381

US-Top 10 countries with most internet users

The United States of America comes second in this list. Almost all major tech companies headquarters are located in the US such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Reportedly over 266,441,381 Americans have used the internet in 2014 which has grown up to 7% than the year before. 17,754,869 people in the USA started using the internet every per year.

(3.) India
Users: 184,340,756

India-Top 10 countries with most internet users

India is the second most populated country in the world and with internet quality getting better in the country, the internet user community of India is increasing by rapidly. Internet user base of India grew over 17% in the previous year report, according to the Internet and Mobile Association of India. The base had grown up to 14% by the end of 2013, as per IAMAI, which includes members such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, eBay, IBM, Flipkart, Ola and LinkedIn. With the growth of the internet, digital commerce, digital advertising, payments and social media have also seen steady growth.

(4.) Japan
Users: 109,755,903

Japan- Top 10 countries with most internet users

Being one of the biggest hi-tech innovative hub, Japan comes forth in the total number of internet users per year. This country has one of the best internet facilities in the world in terms of speed. Reportedly over 109,755,903 internet users have used the web from Japan. This rich cultured and tech innovative country shares 3.74% of total internet users in the world.

(5.) Brazil
Users: 103,720,362

Brazil-Top 10 countries with most internet users

Over the years, people of Brazil have significantly changed the way they use the internet in terms of how they access the web and what type of content they generally search for. Brazil comes fifth in this list of total web users over the period of one year. According to reports, the total of 103,720,362 people in Brazil uses the internet in 2014. One of the major social networking website Facebook is happened to be an influential factor in Brazillian market, with a 90% share of time spent on Social networking media followed by others like Twitter, Tumblr etc.

(6.) Russia
Users: 87,495,561

Russia-Top 10 countries with most internet users

The Russian internet users share internet profoundly as most of the other countries. They come sixth on this list of total internet users over one year. Statistically, over 87,495,561 Russian people have used in 2014.As per other reports total of the world’s internet users, 2.89% users are from Russia. The social networking sites are claimed to be most dominating part in internet use in the country.

(7.) Germany
Users: 68,131,573

Germany-Top 10 countries with most internet users

Despite having strict Internet policies, German people use the internet very abundantly. The social media trends and other internet hypes can’t be circumvented from Germans.As per reports, more than 68,131,573 German internet users have gained the access of internet in 2014.Germany’s share in total internet users across the globe is 2.465.

(8.) Nigeria
Users: 65,675,964

Nigeria-Top 10 countries with most internet users

With easy helping internet policies, Nigeria comes on 8th position in the list.The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)’s reports show that the number of web users on the Nigerian telecom networks have grown to 65,362,814 in 2014.Further in the report it states that according to the NCC there was the growth of 1.32 million web and mobile web users on the GSM and CDMA networks in 2014.

(9.) United Kingdom
Users: 56,954,305

UK-Top 10 countries with most internet users

The UK is the home of Shakespeare and the Beatles with finance and culture influence on the world where the historic and best universities like Oxford and Cambridge belongs. The UK comes on 9th position in total internet users over the year. The UK has 64,800,000 populations with 22nd rank in the world. Among these around 56,954,305 people uses internet with 89.90% of its population and 1.95% of the world. Every year 1,574,653 internet users increase.

(10.) France
Users: 54,027,582

France-Top 10 countries with most internet users

Famous for fashion and classical art with its sophisticated cuisine and wine, France comes on tenth in this list and on 20th rank in the population with 67,087,000 number of people in the world. From its population around 85.75% of people uses the internet per year. Around the world, 1.90% internet users are from France. Per year about 1,521,369 internet users increase in the country.

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