Top 10 Free Email Service Providers

Top 10 Free Email Service Providers

Top 10 Free Email Service Providers

Nowadays the use of Email is getting increased day by day.Selection of right Email service providers is also a big problem.So that’s why we bought Top 10 Free Email Service providers for you that help you in selecting email service providers based on your need.

1) Gmail


Gmail is the top free email service providers in the world. It is user-friendly and simple. T provides 15GB of storage space. It allows voice and video chat features as well as regular chatting by text. Gmail offers storage, security, productivity and many more features.

2) Outlook


Outlook is also one of the best email services from Microsoft. The previous version of outlook is hormail.Outlook provides better security features than Gmail. It provides features like Microsoft office integration, unlimited storage, spam filtering and email scanning.POP3, IMAP, and EAS are also supported by outlook.

3) Yahoo Mail


Yahoo is also another popular web-based email service provider. Yahoo provides email storage up to 1TB.Yahoo messenger is included in yahoo mail. It also provides SMS messaging feature.

4) Zoho Mail


Zoho Mail is also one of the best email services with the cleaner interface. It provides the best privacy features. Zoho mail features include best security, ios and android apps, Zoho docs,99.9% up-time ,POP/MAP migration and much more. Zoho mails service is used for both personal and professional use.

5) AOL Mail


AOL Mail stands for America online. It is one of the best services made for personal use.AOL features include spam & virus protection, unlimited storage space, spell checker, SSL based process and much more.POP3, SMTP, IMAP are supported by AOL.

6) GMX Email


GMX Email is provided by GMX from Germany. It provides the feature like 50MB attachment size, file sharing, unlimited storage of emails, spam and virus protection, POP/IMAP and SMTP support etc. It is all in one free email services used for both personal and business use.


top-10-free-email-service-providers-Inboxmail provides highly intuitive and fast interface. It comes with the 5GB of free email storage. It supports POP and SMTP but there is no support for IMAP. It provides features like spam & virus filtering, sharing of photos and you can add attachment up to 30MB size.


Top-10-free-email-service-providers-mail is provided by united internet which is an internet company based in Germany. It provides unique features of selecting email domain name that suits you over 200 domain for e.g. [email protected] , [email protected], [email protected] etc. It also provides features like spam & virus protection, unlimited storage space, Android & IOS apps and also you can send attachment up to 50MB.

9) Yandex Mail


Yandex Mail service is provided by Russian internet company, Yandex. This email service is protected by the “Spamoborana” technology and Dr.Web antivirus. It provides POP/IMAP support, access via SSL, unlimited email storage etc.

10) Hushmail


Hushmail is also one of the best email services and allows up to 25MB of storage on their free account. It is available on Android, BlackBerry, Iphone and other mobile devices. You can integrate outlook to your Hushmail.

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