Top 10 Gadgets of 2015

Top 10 Gadgets of 2015

Top 10 Gadgets of 2015

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Gadgets play an important part in our life. Gadgets make our life easier and reliable. Here we bought you top 10 gadgets of 2015.

1) Microsoft Hololens


Microsoft Hololens is the best gadget of 2015 which provides you the mixed reality. Mixed reality gives you 3D holographic content into your physical world. It allows you to interact with the digital world as well as the world around you.

2) Self-balancing Scooter


Self-balancing Scooter is also one of the most favorite gadgets of 2015 and also known as a self-balancing electric scooter. It consists of two wheels on side-by-side, with two platforms between the wheels, where the person can stand. It is portable and rechargeable.

3) Google self-driving car


In may 2014, Google came with the idea of self-driving the car that had neither pedals nor steering.This product developed by GoogleX and the software installed on this car named Google Chauffeur.

4) One Plus 2


One Plus 2 is The best Smartphone of the year 2015 and designed by Chinese manufacturer OnePlus.This phone revealed on July 28, 2015, and it is the successor of One Plus One. It has virtual reality using Google’s cardboard visor and their application.

5) Tesla power wall


‘Tesla energy’ came with the idea of rechargeable lithium-ion battery called the ‘tesla power wall.It Includes a liquid thermal control system, battery packs and the software that communicate with the solar unit. This product is useful when sunlight is unavailable.

6) The DJI Inspire


The DJI Inspire is the best gadget from DJI Inspire came with Micro Four Thirds Zenmuse X5R camera.Zenmuse X5R camera is the smallest 4k camera. It designed for use with the drones. The video recorded at an average bitrate of 1.7Gbps in CinemaDNG to an internal SSD.

7) Samsung 16TB SSD


Samsung launches the biggest SSD hard-drives ever made regarding storage, not physical dimensions. This hard drive uses NAND flash chips rather than spinning platters. It came into almost 16 terabytes into a 2.5-inch SSD package.

8) Garmin Varia


Garmin Varia is the world’s first cycling radar system developed by warns the vehicles approaching behind up to 140 meters.It works independently and wirelessly integrates with Edge® cycling computers.

9) LightL16


LightL16 is the best gadget for photography lovers. It is 16 separate cameras in one.LightL16 uses ten lenses of its each time an image is captured and converts these shots into high quality. Photographers also adjust the depth of the field of their image after the picture has taken, this is an impossible thing with most of the cameras.

10) Little bits Gizmos and Gadgets kit

top-10-gadgets-of-2015-Little bits Gizmos and Gadgets kit

Little bits Gizmos and Gadgets kit is essential to parents to learn their children about science, engineering, technology, and math. This kit is a pack of color-coded circuits, control boards, and wiring that helps kids to learn about science, engineering, technology, and math.

Hope this blog will help you to have a better choice for your learning.

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