Top 10 JavaScript frameworks

Top 10 JavaScript frameworks

Top 10 JavaScript frameworks
There was a time when we built the applications using plain JavaScript.But in the times rapid development we need to develop the interactive application for that we have to use a different type of frameworks. JavaScript frameworks are the heart of single page applications development and provide global force to plain HTML and JavaScript. Let us take top 10 JavaScript frameworks that are feature rich, most advanced, popular among developers community.

1) Angular.js

Developer(s): Brat Tech LLC, Google, and community.
Initial release: 2009

Description: Angular.js is most widely used open source JavaScript framework for single page applications (SPA).It currently has the biggest community of developers. It uses angular directives to extend HTML attributes. The user can also develop custom directives and mounts it on any div tag.

2) React.js

Developer(s): Facebook,Instagram, and community
Initial release: 2013

Description: React.js is an open-source JavaScript library used for building user interfaces.React.js mostly focuses on view layer in MVC architecture. it is used when you want a powerful view layer and also, use the angular, backbone or ember application. It is mostly used to build isomorphic framework.

3) Ember.js

Developer(s): Yehuda Katz and ember core team
Initial release: 8 December 2011

Description: Ember.js is another most powerful JavaScript framework. It uses the Two-way data binding(Used in angular.js) and Server side rendering(used in Ember.js).It also uses the concept of web components that allows you to extend HTML with your own tags.

4) Aurelia.js

Developer(s): Rob Eisenberg,Scott Criswell,Patric Robbins and Team.
Initial release: January 2015

Description: Aurelia.js is highly modularized frameworks and includes many independent small libraries. This framework is used in the entire project by using the few of required libraries or you can extend libraries to create the custom framework.

5) Meteor.js

Developer(s): Meteor Development Group
Initial release: 2012


Description: Metor.js framework is used to develop full end-to-end web and mobile application using JavaScript. This layer has all of the features like front-end rendering, business logic, back-end development and database management. The application built in metor.js is the real-time applications.

6) Backbone.js

Developer(s): Jeremy Ashkenas
Initial release: 2010


Description: Backbone.js is used when you want to use lightweight but full featured JavaScript framework. The greatest advantage of using this framework is its comes in small size package, simple and easy to learn. You can build the application in backbone.js within no time. This framework is used as the side framework rather than core framework.

7) Polymer.js

Developer(s): Google
Initial release: 2013


Description: Polymor.js framework uses the theory of web components from which we can create new HTML elements. For ex, the video is standard HTML element but with the use of web components and related technologies we can create our own elements like my-video.

8) Knockout.js

Developer(s): Steve Sanderson
Initial release: 2010


Description: Knockout.js framework works under the MVVM design paradigm and this makes it a little different from other JavaScript framework. This framework has its golden time but because of no improvements and features, it becomes less useful.

9) Vue.js

Developer(s): Evan you
Initial release: 2014


Description: Vue.js is an open source framework under the MVVM design paradigm. It allows the user to access the module as required. It also provides two-way data binding.

10) Mercury.js

Developer(s): Raynos (Jake Verbaten)
Initial release: 2015


Description: Mercury.js framework has fast growing popularity .It uses the concept of Virtual DOM rendering. This is modern JavaScript framework, fully modular and you can extent based on what you need.

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