Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India

Information Technology Companies in India doing their level best all the time. The list includes big companies and famous companies in India. You can also check the list of 10 Best Startup Brands in India. Here is the list of Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India of 2015.


(1) TCS

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India-TCS
Revenue: Rs. 64672.93 Crore
Net Profit: Rs. 18474.92 Crore
Employees: More than 3,00,000

Tata Consultancy Services was established in 1968 and is located in Mumbai, India. TCS is considered one the most valuable tech companies Worldwide. It is a product as well as service based company.


(2) Infosys

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India-Infosys
Revenue: Rs. 44341 Crore
Net Profit: Rs. 10194 Crore
Employees: More than 1,75,000

Infosys was instituted at Bengaluru, India in 1981. Infosys mostly operates into Software developing  and Outsourcing Services, Business Consulting, IT solutions. It is reckoned to be ranked in world’s most innovative companies.


(3) Wipro

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India-Wipro
Revenue: Rs. 38757.2 Crore
Net Profit: Rs. 7387.4 Crore
Employees: More than 1,50,000

Wipro was started in 1945 but initiated IT services from 1980. It has resided Bengaluru, India. Infrastructure Technology Solutions and Wipro Systems & Technology are some of the Wipro’s products. It also provides services as well.


(4) HCL Technologies

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India-HCL
Revenue: Rs. 16497.37 Crore
Net Profit: Rs. 5984.62 Crore
Employees: Around 1,00,000

This tech company was initiated in 1976 in Noida, India. MiFID’s Transaction Reporting Framework, Reporting Factory, BASEL II, Excel services, SOA- enterprise IT around services, Direct Market Access (DMA) are the main services of the company.


(5) Tech Mahindra

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India-Tech Mahindra
Revenue: Rs. 16295.1 Crore
Net Profit: Rs. 2685.5 Crore
Employees: Around 98,000

Tech Mahindra was founded in Pune, India in 1986.They mainly give Services and Solutions like Consulting, Mobility, Enterprise Business Solutions, PLCM (Product Life Cycle Management) and Integrated Tech Solutions.


(6) Oracle Financial Services

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India-Oracle Financial Services
Revenue: Rs. 3159.47 Crore
Net Profit: Rs. 1148.36 Crore
Employees: Around 9,000

The company was founded and headquartered in Mumbai, India in 1990. IT solution to the Banking Industry is the main focus of Oracle Corporation. They provide various IT products like FCCM (Financial Crime and Compliance Management) and many Financial Services as well.


(7) Mindtree

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India-Mindtree
Revenue: Rs. 3031.6 Crore
Net Profit: Rs. 451.2 Crore
Employees: Around 14,000

Mindtree began to shape in Bengaluru, India in 1999. The company  mainly deals with Banking and Capital Markets and offers services like Tech R & D, Application Maintenance & Development, Digital Services, Data Analytics, EAI BPM, Software Testing, EPS(Enterprise Application Services).


(8) Mphasis

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India-Mphasis
Revenue: Rs. 1328.97 Crore
Net Profit: Rs. 223.08 Crore
Employees: Around 48,000

Mphasis was incorporated in 2000. It is based in Bengaluru, India. Their main focused areas are Banking and Finance Markets, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance and enterprises such as Energy, Life Sciences, Telecom, and Government.


(9) Rolta

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India-Rolta
Revenue: Rs. 1142.89 Crore
Net Profit: Rs. 459.39 Crore
Employees: Around 5,000

Rolta was shaped in 1989 is headquartered in Mumbai, India. They expertise in Transportation, Banking, Insurance, Utilities, Process,  Power etc. The company gives solutions in Cloud, GSS(Geo Spatial Solutions), BI and Big Data Analytics, E-Governance, Computer Security & Safety.


(10) Cyient

Top 10 MNC IT Companies in India-Cyient
Revenue: Rs. 1224.49 Crore
Net Profit: Rs. 254.91 Crore
Employees: Around 12,000

Cyient, formally known as Infotech Enterprises, was established in 1991 and located in Hyderabad, India. The company’s expertise is in Outsourcing Services. They also have clients from communications, navigation, off-highway, aerospace & defense, consumer, energy, transportation, oil and gas, mining, medical etc.


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