Top 10 Mobile OS

Top 10 Mobile OS

Top 10 Mobile Operating Systems

Nowadays, people are using a mobile phone like it is a unremovable part of their life. Any mobile needs an OS to run and satisfy user’s needs. Here’s given the list of Top 10 Mobile OS. Also, check out the list of  Top 10 Operating System 2015  for PC. Enjoy reading and stay updated.

1. Android

Without a doubt, we can say that Android is most-used mobile phone OS nowadays. Millions of users are having android smartphones in their hand these days. This OS was developed on an open-source platform by Google.

Android -Top 10 Mobile OS

2. iOS

This mobile phone OS was developed by Apple Inc. It is the second most popular mobile phone OS in the world. It only runs on Products by Apple as it is proprietary. It has a particular class of users because, Apple generally produces lavish products.

iOS Apple-Top 10 Mobile OS

3. Windows Phone

Created by Microsoft, this mobile phone OS has created a place in hearts many smartphone users. It comes on third on this list of top 10 mobile phone operating systems.

Windows Phone -Top 10 Mobile OS

4. BlackBerry

Blackberry OS was developed by RIM (Research In Motion) and was first introduced in 1999. This OS has been developed by the company for its Blackberry line of smartphones. It is a closed source and proprietary OS.

Blackberry -Top 10 Mobile OS

5. Firefox

This OS comes on 5th position in this list. It is created by Mozilla. It is an open source OS, registered under Mozilla public license. It is based on the android-Linux kernel and run on android drivers, but coding process is different than android programming.

Firefox- Top 10 Mobile OS

6. Tizen

Tizen is presented by Linux foundation. It has been supported by the Tizen Association and guided by Intel and Samsung. This OS is for devices such as tablets smartphones, smart televisions and IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) devices. Tizen OS is an open source system, but software development kit (SDK) is closed source and proprietary that targets to provide a flawless user experience across devices.

Tizen -Top 10 Mobile OS


7. Sailfish

This operating system for mobile phones comes on the 7th rank on this list. It is developed by Jolla. It is a semi open source OS and works under GNU GPL (general public license) but the UI (user interface) is Proprietary.

Sailfish-Top 10 Mobile OS

8. Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu OS is a well-known name for PC in open source Linux-family operating systems. Ubuntu Touch OS is from Canonical Ltd. It is an open source OS. It is created on android Linux kernel. This OS uses android drivers.

Ubuntu touch - Top 10 Mobile OS


BADA OS had been used in previous Samsung smartphones. It was structured for smartphones that fall into a mid-range and high-end category. Bada OS is a quiet user-friendly and efficient operating system. Samsung has abandoned this OS due to its decreasing popularity.

BADA-Top 10 Mobile OS


10. Symbian

Symbian OS was created for Nokia phones. It is a closed source OS. It was used in phones that fall into low range to high-end category. It was one of the most used mobile phone OS until a couple of years ago before android had come in picture.

Symbian-Top 10 Mobile OS


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Check out the list of  Top 10 Operating System 2015  for PC. Enjoy reading and stay updated.
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