Top 10 Operating System 2015

Top 10 Operating System 2015

Top 10 Operating Systems 2015

The only one way to use any hardware is through Operating System, so without OS we can’t use any device like a computer, mobile etc. Operating System is important for any device. Here is the list of important and famous Top 10 Operating System 2015.

(1.) Windows 7

Top 10 Operating Systems 2015-Windows 7

As we all know Windows 7 is one of the most used OS of all the time. It has attractive themes with clean, professional look. This OS is very easy and fast to install and less space consuming.

(2.) Windows 8.1

Top 10 Operating Systems 2015-Windiws 8.1

Windows 8.1 is updated version of Windows 8. It looks very similar to windows 8 but little better in terms of performance and speed. It is more useful for business use.

(3.) Ubuntu 14.X

Top 10 Operating Systems 2015-Ubuntu 14.X

This is the latest version of Ubuntu OS. Ubuntu is one of the most used open source operating systems in the world. It is one of the best OS from Linux OS family as well.

(4.) Windows XP

Top 10 Operating Systems 2015-Windows XP

Old but Evergreen Windows XP is also in this list. Despite being the older version, it has stayed in competition with its succeeders as well as other operating systems.

(5.) openSUSE

Top 10 Operating Systems 2015-openSUSE

It has secured Boot Support. The new improved version also gives you new database options. It offers cloud services and includes numerous key updates. The OS has more stability and power. It supports the E17 desktop. With integrated software choices and the freedom of Linux, this OS can work really well.

(6.) MAC OS

Top 10 Operating Systems 2015-MAC OS

It is also an Unix-based operating system. It is less popular because of limitation of devices which are used in an installation. In MAC OS the main kernel is locked so, you can’t modify the core files. It has iChat a built-in, full-featured messaging tool.

(7.) Windows 10

Top 10 Operating Systems 2015-Windows 10

Right now in the testing stage, Windows 10 has become much popular. But technically it is very similar to Windows 8.1. Enterprise Features, Cortana, Xbox app and Streaming, Edge Browser are its key features.

(8.) Google Chrome OS

Top 10 Operating Systems 2015-Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS is the best for limited requirements like small games, browsing etc. It is based on Linux Kernel so, you can modify it on your own. It provides touch-based drag and drop and better integration with Google Drive.

(9.) FreeBSD

Top 10 Operating Systems 2015-FreeBSD

FreeBSD was one of the top Unix-based operating systems, but now others take it place. It is totally accessible to root user so, the user can access and change the files anytime. It is well documented and follows many standards with extensible frameworks.

(10.) Solaris

Top 10 Operating Systems 2015-Solaris

Solaris is same like Unix operating system but mostly used with servers so, it is a common choice of corporations and organizations but not famous among end users. It is designed in virtualization and provides live upgrade and binary compatibility.

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