Top 10 reasons to have website

Top 10 reasons to have website

Top 10 reasons to have website

Today, every small firm owns a website. Website means your online visiting card, brochure, pamphlet anything you want to say. It is also a best showcase of your talent. An Introduction of your business or your work. No website means no business, only RISK!!

More than 80% of population use internet to purchase something or to get a simple information. A feature of instant chat makes it more helpful to any customer.

Make your brand identity and be an expert and earn reputation. This article will tell you each and every reason why you should have a website.

Following are Top 10 reasons to have website.

1) Detailed introduction about your business

1) top-10 reasons to have website

As I mentioned  before that your website is everything about your enterprise as it gives all information related to your work.

2) Website never sleeps

top-10 reasons why to have website_websites never sleep

Website is very small task you can do for your business. Just make it once and introduce your business any time, anywhere.

3) Creates your brand

3) top-10 reasons to have website_brand

Every people believe to be online today. Today, we search a store on internet even if we want to buy a vegetable or any small thing. Millions of people are there who can reach to you.

4) Your customers can locate you easily

4) Top-10 reasons to have website_customer-can-reach-to-you [800x600] [640x480]

Many people are there who need services same as your business is providing. They can easily reach to you whenever they want.

5) You can reach globally


Once you create your website, that can be accessible by anyone from any place. So that your business can be reach globally.

6) Low cost marketing

6) top-10 reasons to have website_marketing

Yes, this is the very best way to marketing because you don’t need to go to a single person and let him understand your business and work. Instead of that you can simply mention your work at your website. There any many other ways to do marketing. The best one is Social Marketing specially on Facebook. A low cost marketing.  But at last you need to have website!

7) Beat your competitors

7) top-10 reasons to have website_beat

You Can Make a Small Business Appear Much Bigger. You can easily serve your new or old customer through website.

8) 24*7 open store

8) top-10 reasons to have website_online store

You can shutter off your place of work but the website will be always on in day and night with very low maintenance. Your business can easily attract new customers.

9) First impression is the last impression

9) top-10 reasons to have website_impression

Most of the people understand the business impression only from the website’s quality. If your website is not good, it is worthless and it also makes bad impression to audience. So, make your first impression well.

10) Gather your feedbacks

10) top-10 reasons to have website_feedback

Feedback is the thing which can help to show your work. Other customer will only trust you if your older customers are happy with you.


Having website is really very good platform where you can get thousands of opportunities in this online world. You just need to be updated and present in order to get noticed.

” A website address is easier to remember than a phone number. “
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Mansi Gajjar

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