Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ has been launched in India. Both phones runs on the Android Nougat and coupled with Samsung’s TouchWhiz. Here are top 10 samsung galaxy s8 tips and tricks which will take your experience to next level.

1) Finger Print Gestures


If you have been annoyed with the fingerprint sensor placed at the rear, here’s some good news. Well, it doesn’t just unlock the phone for you, it also doubles up as a neat door to the notification drawer. All you need to do is swipe down on it, and the notification shade will be accessible right away.

2) Customize the Navigation Bar


With the S8 and S8+, Samsung upgraded the trademark lozenge key to onscreen buttons. By default, the back button is on the right and the recents is towards the left. Good news is, if you aren’t comfortable with this setup, you can easily swap the buttons. What’s more, you can even add a dash of color to the navigation bar as well. Head over to the Display settings > Navigation Bar and choose from the background color to your liking. That said, the dashing blue ain’t bad. Plus, you can adjust the sensitivity of the bar to your liking.

3) Speed Up your Downloads


The Galaxy S8 also sports the Download Booster which fastens the download speed for large files over 30 MB. This technology, which made its debut in the Galaxy Alpha, makes use of both the Wi-Fi and Cellular data simultaneously to quicken the process. This setting can be accessed by heading over to Connections > More connection settings and toggling the download booster switch to On.

4) Customize the Edge Feeds & Apps


Surely, the edges of the Galaxy S8 is smooth and comes handy in displaying the latest weather reports, news and message alerts. What makes it even better that the edges are highly customizable. All you need to do is download new edge apps and swap them in the places of the ones which are already there. Head over to Edge screen settings > Edge panels and choose from the options there — apps, contacts, smart select, tasks, reminders, etc.

5) One-Handed Mode


Agreed that the infinity display of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is too incredible with its bright and impressive display and smoothness. But then, not every time you’ll have both the hands free to go over it. Thankfully, it ships with the one-handed mode which shrinks the screen towards the lower portions of the screen, thereby giving you the freedom to use it with one hand. Plus, also a plus point for people with small hands.

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6) Setting Up the Secure Folder


You might already know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 ships with the Knox security shield. Along with the other security aspects like iris scanner and facial recognition, S8 also features the Secure Folder. Also available in the Advanced features, this one lets you create a secured vault within the phone. Armed with options to lock it with a PIN or a password, this folder lets you have a parallel apps like Gallery, email account or a notes app. For instance, an image which is ‘locked away’ will be available only in the Gallery of the vault.

7) About Layout


This feature is for the iOS converts out there, who are used to the apps on the home screen. Most of the Android phones comes packed with an app drawer which includes tons of apps, with the bare minimum apps on the home screen.

8) Manage Apps Easily

For a long term Android user, to remove an app one would normally long-press on the app and drag it towards the uninstall label at the top.

9) Split Screen

While watching a video or a live stream. All you need to do is long-press on the recents key, tap the dock screen icon and select the portions. Ta-Da, you have got a handsome screen docked at the top. So if you want to go the Android way, go ahead and place the icons anywhere on the screen. But if you want to go the iOS way of auto-aligning the icons, all you need to do is long-press on the home screen and tap on the auto-align icon.

10) A new type of Selfies


Looking for Snapchat-like filters on your phone. Well, the Galaxy S8 has the answer. The S8 packs in insanely funny filters to the camera. You have an option to choose from a total of 31 cartoonish filters. This feature can be accessed by tapping on the bear icon on the right. If you ask me, the bunny one is my personal favorite.

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