Top 10 Search Engines

Top 10 Search Engines

Top 10 Search Engines

It may be a shocking and surprise for many people, but Google is not the only search engine available today. There are a number of search engines which are worth considering. Here are the Top 10 Search Engines as derived from Alexa Global Rank.


Google- Top 10 Search Engines

1) Google

Alexa Global Rank: 1
Google search engine is the best search engine and it is also one of the most popular product from Google. According to the latest reports, 70% of searches were powered by Google. It also influences the mobile and tablet search engine market share with 88%.

Baidu- Top 10 Search Engines

2) Baidu

Alexa Global Rank: 4
Baidu is a Chinese search engine founded in January 1st, 2000. It is one of the most used search engines in China. It is made to give results for the website, audio files and images and offers 57 search and community services.

Yahoo- Top 10 Search Engines

3) Yahoo

Alexa Global Rank: 5
Yahoo is launched in 1994 and is the web’s oldest directory. Like Google, Yahoo sells paid placement advertising links which appear on its own site and are distributed to others. Yahoo purchased Overture in October 2003.

Bing- Top 10 Search Engines

4) Bing

Alexa Global Rank: 21
Bing is created by the Microsoft Corporation for searching purpose. It is default search engine in Microsoft’s web server. It is also a good search engine but did not manage to convince users that it can produce better search result than Google.

Ask- Top 10 Search Engines


Alexa Global Rank: 33 was previously known as Ask Jeeves, has approximately 3% of the search share. It is based on a question-answer format and most of the questions are answered by other users. It also has general search functionality, but the result is not good as Google or Yahoo or Bing.

Aol- Top 10 Search Engines

6) AOL

Alexa Global Rank: 150
AOL is also among the top search engine in the world provides users with an editorial listing that come Google’s crawler-based index. It has 0.59% search market share. It was created in 1983 as Control Video Corporation.

DuckDuckGo- Top 10 Search Engines

7) DuckDuckGo

Alexa Global Rank: 599
DuckDuckGo is different from other search engines. It has a clean interface, only one page of results, you can search directly other websites, it does not track users and it is not fully loaded with advertisements. It was founded in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg.

WOW- Top 10 Search Engines

8) Wow

Alexa Global Rank: 590
Wow was an online service run by in 1996 and early 1997. The domain name has been kept by AOL since it obtained CompuServe though it was asleep from the online service’s shutdown to 2007.

WolframAlpha- Top 10 Search Engines

9) WolframAlpha

Alexa Global Rank: 1,950
WolframAlpha is a computational search engine and does not give a list of web pages as a search result. It produces results based on facts and data about the query asked. It was launched in 2009, also called as a computational knowledge engine.

Yandex- Top 10 Search Engines

10) Yandex

Alexa Global Rank: 2,186
Yandex is a Russian internet company which operates the largest search engine in Russia with about 60% market share in that country. It was launched in 1997. The website also operates in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Turkey.


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