Top 10 SEO Tools

Top 10 SEO Tools

Top 10 SEO Tools

Using SEO tools has become an inevitable task for webmasters. SEO tools will significantly improve your website’s ranking. If you haven’t found a perfect tool for your website’s SEO, please hurry and choose the SEO tool of your choice from our list of Top 10 SEO Tools given here.


Google Analytics- Top 10 SEO Tools

1. Google analytics

If you’re seeing this post, odds are you’ve used Google Analytics. It is the most proficient SEO tool which provides you the data to understand your site’s visitors and their engagement with your site. No tool gives information or does a better job enabling the data which helps you to understand the statistics that matters most.



Traffic Travis - Top 10 SEO Tools

2. Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a software application that can be used on your personal computer. It includes a number of SEO tools that you could utilize to enhance the ranking of your website for the search engines. It provides assistance to associate different pieces of data, including your PageRank and likewise details which are crucial to your website’s SEO. It provides a great suite of SEO products.


WooRank - Top 10 SEO Tools

3. Woorank

Woorank is a wonderful little tool that will help to rank your website as you exercise it. It tries to rank your website on the parameters that it considers to be important. How better or redundant it makes this tool now that the hummingbird update has approached is still a question mark. You could build a one free analysis report per week if you don’t want to pay this tool.


SEMRush - Top 10 SEO Tools

4. SEMRush

SEMRush can be very powerfully used to check if your website is healthy or not. It would be of a great benefit to use SEMRush for outreaching and working on link-building campaigns. It helps to see that for how many keywords a site would rank in Google. Whenever sites which are having a high volume of inbound hyperlinks, but no keywords ranking in SEMRush, it could mean that they’ve been penalized.


Majestic - Top 10 SEO Tools

5. Majestic

Majestic SEO tool considered to be the best tool for backlink analysis, having the biggest and most up to date database of hyperlink data available publicly. This is a very famous website for backlinks, it’s authority site to see actual structure of any sites. Most of the webmasters use this site to get all the info about their site’s external backlinks, referring domains, referring IP addresses etc.


ScreamingFrog - Top 10 SEO Tools

6. Screamingfrog

Screamingfrog SEO Spider tool is a small desktop application that you can install on your PC, Mac or Linux machine locally, which helps to crawl website’s links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective. You can view, analyze and filter the crawled data as it’s collected and updated in the application’s user interface continuously.



SearchMetrics - Top 10 SEO Tools

7. Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics is very reliable SEO tool that provides premium SEO services and content advertising analysis, forecasting, recommendations and statistics for companies that want potential subscribers to locate them rapidly. It means prospects and users spend less time looking for the website and more time buying. It is generally called search experience optimization.


Ahrefs - Top 10 SEO Tools

8. Ahrefs

Ahrefs has been becoming a really prominent SEO tool for gaining all backlinks data in few clicks, Using this tool, you can obtain all backlinks info like .com, .net, .edu, .gov, dofollow and nofollow backlinks analysis report and with anchor text, you will be to trace your backlink too. This tool can be freely utilized to get complete backlinks report twice a day. You can pay for its premium use.


SEOPTIMER - Top 10 SEO Tools


SEOPTIMER will scrutinize your website’s on-page SEO and analyze that SEO to see which measures need to be taken and inform you what it considers you are doing wrong. It will then give full control to you to redress the situation. It is considered one of the most trustworthy SEO tools available in the market.



raven- Top 10 SEO Tools

10. RavenTools

RavenTools is an incredible set of SEO tools which helps you to draws data from multiple sources such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords and MajesticSEO, for providing a comprehensive report. RavenTools comprises 30+ products that could enable you with almost any aspect of SEO and digital marketing. Its premium version is a reasonably priced product.

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