Top 10 Tech Blogs in India

Top 10 Tech Blogs in India

Top 10 Tech Blogs in India

If you are tech blog fan, don’t you wish to stay up to date with all latest tech news, IT trends, tech tips & tricks? Well, you can always count on us to help you out. Here, we have presented the list the Top 10 Tech Blogs in India to feed your tech-info hunger. Enjoy reading and stay updated. Also, check out the list of Top 10 SEO Companies In India.


shoutmeloud -Top 10 Tech Blogs in India1. Shoutmeloud

Founder: Harsh Agrawal

Shoutmeloud is founded by Harsh Agarwal. It is an award-winning and professional blog. It was launched in 2008. Today in India, every single tech blog-lover admires this blog. The posts on this blog mainly focus on subjects like WordPress, Blogging tips, SEO, make money online etc.


Digitalinspiration-Top 10 Tech Blogs in India

2. Digitalinspiration

Founder: Amit Agarwal

This blog is country’s one of the leading tech blogs and also known as Digitalinspiration was started in 2004 by Amit Agarwal. This blog’s main posting categories are tech updates, tricks & tips, tech news, tech how to guide and many more. Amit Agarwal is considered as one of the most followed full-time tech bloggers in India.


Next Big what -Top 10 Tech Blogs in India

3. Nextbigwhat

Founder: Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha started this blog, who managed to proclaim his skills on digital information, tech entrepreneurs, tech news, IT startups etc. Users visit Nextbigwhat to get the pursuit of knowledge relating above mentioned topics.


Techtricksworld -Top 10 Tech Blogs in India

4. Techtricksworld

Founder: Atish Ranjan and Zenil

Covering the frequent awareness in broad range area of latest technology, this blog was launched by Atish and Zenil in the year 2012. By having a huge fan following, Techtricksworld keeps it in full swing. This blog basically covers the topics like SEO, tips & tricks for PC and Social Media awareness etc.


Yourstory - Top 10 Tech Blogs in India


Founder: Shradha Sharma

YourStory was launched in 2008 by Shradha Sharma. Since its establishment, this blog has enabled business networking scopes to numerous entrepreneurs. It basically covers post categories like startups and business ideas from the web, mobile, cloud, e-commerce etc.


alltechbuzz -Top 10 Tech Blogs in India

6. Alltechbuzz

Founder: Imran Uddin

Alltechbuzz is created by a young pro-blogger and professional SEO consultant Imran Uddin, in 2011 when he was just 18 years old. The main focused areas of the blog are tips and tricks for PC and the internet, SEO, Affiliate Marketing etc.


technologypersonal -Top 10 Tech Blogs in India (3)

7. Technology Personalized

Founder: Raju PP

In 2008, the popular blog-creator named Raju PP invented this blog, which as the name suggest gives information about technologies. Technology Personalized mainly posts about Web tools and Gadgets and so on. Users normally get their queries solved whenever they visit this blog.


bloggertipstricks -Top 10 Tech Blogs in India

8. BloggerTipsTricks

Founder: Ankit Kumar Singla

Bloggertipstricks is founded by young and aspiring Amit Kumar Singla who has been trying to get a grip of the attention of fans through his skill corresponding to WordPress and In a little amount of time in the blogging field, this young guy shares his attention-grabbing post with informative content.


9lessons -Top 10 Tech Blogs in India

9. 9lessons

Founder: Srinivas Tamada

This blog primarily divulges the skill related to web designing, scripting, social networking, and more others. The creation of 9lessons is executed by very prominent face Srinivas Tamada. He achieved fame when he introduced the script exhibiting a same functionality as the Facebook wall.


guidingtech-Top 10 Tech Blogs in India

10. Guidingtech

Founder: Abhijeet Mukherjee

Guidingtech was launched by Abhijeet Mukherjee, a very famous name in blogging field. Abhijeet got the attention of numerous blog users with his broad knowledge of web app tips, how to guides, PC tips & tricks and software suggestions as well.

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