Top 10 Website Builders

Top 10 Website Builders

Top 10 Website Builders

Everyone is excited to create a website, but many few have been able to get it right on the builder related issues. This article provides a comprehensive insight into, which among the various website builders is the best match for your particular requirements. We have presented a list of Top 10 Website Builders to help you achieve the goal quickly and in a simple manner.


1. WIXWIX - Top 10 Website Builders

WIX is a website building site that provides cloud-based web development platform that helps users to build HTML5 websites and mobile-optimized websites, with the help of their online drag & drop tools. More than 100 of themes in every category, that can be customized completely as per the user’s need. You can opt for any of these themes and create something totally your own.


2. WebsiteBuilderWebsite builder- Top 10 Website Builders

WebsiteBuilder is a free and one of the most proficient website building platforms available around. Easy controlled drag and drop with no coding needed. It is so easy to work with, simply select a template from a huge selection of beautifully designed templates and get started at no cost. All sites created with this website builder are mobile optimized, that means visitors will be able to view your site on their mobile devices.


3. ShopifyShopify - Top 10 Website Builders

Shopify is an outstanding online shop builder. If you are thinking about starting a new E-commerce company, or just trying to bring an existing company to the internet world, this is certainly one of the simplest e-commerce website builders to enable you to create your E-commerce shop. It is powering more than 200,000 online shops currently and it has helped businesses process more than $10 billion worth of sales.


4. SiteBuilderSiteBuilder - Top 10 Website Builders

SiteBuilder is the new player in the town, and its streamlined strategy for website development has shimmered a new light on the way people structure the websites. It has a simple editing process with drag and drop, with no coding required at all. This feature is causing dominance in the whole web developer community. Integrating and operating elements feel excitingly natural which is so easy that even kids are doing it.


5. Weeblyweebly - Top 10 Website Builders

Weebly had been named one of TIME’s 50 top Websites of the year in 2007. It basically allows you to put pictures, videos, audio, maps, and image galleries. It also enables you to sell your products, create online bookings, create a contact form, or arrange your pages in multiple columns by just simple drag and drop tools. More than 6 million users and small businesses have subscribed Weebly to create their online presence.


6. GoDaddyGodaddy - Top 10 Website Builders

GoDaddy has become one of the largest domain name registrars in the world which provides one of the most eclectic set of website developing tools to its users. It supervises more than 57 million domain names and has more than 12 million paying users. This is all because of having a very strong 24/7, 365 days customer support system. It’s a well-established company which has been displaying Super-Bowl advertisements for many years.


7. SimblaSimbla - Top 10 Website Builders

Simbla exhibits the upcoming generation of website creation. It is  one of the top web development tools available today. it is totally responsive, which means once you create your desktop website, it automatically tunes your mobile & tablet website, so no additional work is needed. It provides a variety of elegantly designed content blocks that you can easily use with just drag and drop.


8. JimdoJimdo - Top 10 Website Builders

Jimdo website builder was created in 2004 which has become one of the most famous website builders all over the internet. It offers to build mobile responsive HTML5-based websites absolutely for free. One of the most salient advantages is the scope to build a free online store, of course with few number of products. 500MB of storage space, free domain name, customer support are also covered in the free plan.


9. MoonfruitMoonfruit - Top 10 Website Builders

Moonfruit website builder is a simple-to-use free website development tool with a wide range of beautifully designed website templates. its free package offers a single website with not more than 15 pages on a second level domain, 20MB of storage space and 1GB of bandwidth, no customer support privileges and some Moonfruit ads. It has a pleasant feature that automatically creates a mobile-optimized version along with a desktop version of your website.


10. WebnodeWebnode - Top 10 Website Builders

Webnode is one of the best tools to build executive websites rapidly and easily with your own domain name, all for free. Webnode has hundreds of modern templates fashioned to your personal needs. This is the ideal solutions for portfolio, business or e-commerce websites. It will help to optimize your website fully for mobile devices which will help to display your website properly on all mobile devices.

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