Top 10 wonderful, weird and funny websites that you should know

Top 10 wonderful, weird and funny websites that you should know

Top 10 wonderful, weird and funny websites that you should know

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There are many websites are available all over the world. Here we prepare the list of top 10 wonderful, weird and funny websites that you should know.



Hackertyper is one of the cool websites where you can make prank with your friends that you are a hacker or your typing speed is good. Just go to the website and type fast whatever you want. The website starts printing predefined code. If you double tap caps lock then the message appeared Access denied and if you double tap message then access granted message is shown.



This website is used when you want a temporary email id for fake websites. This website will create fake email id for you for just 10 minutes and then after 10 minutes the email is automatically deactivated.



This is one of the funny websites where you have to point just cursor of your mouse. And automatically picture comes out to point the picture. Every time you change the location of pointer the image is changed.



This is one of the cool websites where you can find all the flights not just only in the country but in the whole world. This website gives the live status of the currently flying flights in the world.



This website generates your fake profile based on the information you entered. You have to jus fill up the form for generating fake profile.




In this website the images are dropped at continues rate. All the images are of different color.



Sometimes the websites are really down or you have some internet connection problem. This website helps you to show the website is down in real time or you may have some problem


VirusTotal Free Online Virus Malware and URL Scanner

Sometimes you’ve downloaded file from the internet may contain viruses. This website helps you for detecting that your file contains virus or not. is an online virus scanner.




This website helps you in calculating the difference between the date and year. This website gives useful states.




This website randomly creates the text as you render your mouse to the screen.

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